Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Pie

Mcdonalds new holiday pie...Yes it is as delicious as it is pretty!
Sugar cookie coated custard! I know but hurry, they are only here for the holiday!

McDonald's Holiday Pies

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God is in control

God has shown me a lot this week. Its interesting to look back at an event that caused so much emotional stress, and heartache and realize that God did indeed have control of the situation the ENTIRE time, and used it for good.

Nursing school: the cause of most of my stress and taker of all my free time. I had a final exam for my nursing class and after 3 days of studying for 6 hrs a day, I felt somewhat prepared.

In the test my mind went blank, I couldnt focus on what needed to be done, and I zoned in on unimportant details. I was devestated, this counted for 15 percent of my clinical grade and without a passing score, I would be held back a semester.

While living in fear of failing a whole semester of nursing school, I broke down in tears multiple times, and was quickly comforted by my friend Brittany who also understands the stress of nursing school. I was comforted by my boyfriend Jimmy who assured me that God has a plan, I was comforted by my roomate Lauren who stressed that God has perfect timing and knows what he is doing. I was comforted by my parents, my dad who assured me I would make a good real RN someday, and my mom who got most of my crying...what came out of this was a renewed friendship with my roomates Maggie and Nikki, I was so encouraged and blessed when they heard me crying to my mom and came and prayed over me.This semester we have grown apart, and barely interacted on a weekly basis,  I have missed them so much, and just knowing that they still care about me and we still have a friendship means the world to me. I am so blessed.

I talked to my teacher today and he reassured me that my competency was just a photograph of what I know...and we cant look good in every photograph. He told me he took into consideration the entire semester...I got a B. There is no way I deserved that grade. I am thankfull, and appreciative, and humbled by Gods grace, and the grace my teacher had on me. I am realizing that God does have full control and he is able to use awfull, no fun situations and turn them into something amazing.

Verses told to me by Jimmy. Romans 8:38-39, and John 10:27-29