Thursday, September 22, 2011

Power of Prayer

Im doing a bible study reading through "the heart of prayer" and we got to talk through some tough ideas about how we view God and prayer.

How do you view God? and how does that effect your view of prayer.

Does prayer have power?

Why do we pray?

If God says ask and you will recieve, why dont we always get what we want?

Is God sovreign?

Do you want God to give you what you want or what is best for you?

I hadn't really thought out why we pray or if prayer was meaningful or powerful before, it was just something I did as a way of talking to God. through this Bible study so far I have come to the conclusion that prayer is powerful and necessary.

prayer is like when I was little and would ask my mom if I can have ice cream for breakfast and she would say no  because she knows it isn't healthy. She appreciates that I asked and would give me a healthy breakfast that provided me with more nutrition, and left me full for longer than ice cream would have.

not praying is like me waking up now and eating an icecream bar for breakfast because I'm 21 years old and I do what I want. I am happy for 2 hours until I start crashing and have to eat again at work. taking time out of my busy schedule.

I can get by without prayer and my life will be fine, sometimes good things will happen but I will not live the way God intended.

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  1. i love the analogy about ice cream for breakfast! that really resonates with me. and it makes me want ice cream. thank you so much for sharing this, brittany :) my church here in portland has been looking at prayer and we're doing this epic seven week prayer and fasting for portland thing with other churches in the area. the sermon last weekend kinda came to some of the same conclusions you did here, so you should check it out!

    i love you, brittany! you are such a blessing.