Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I freaking died on the cross....

In bible study we were talking about prayer and how we feel guilty or discouraged to come to God whith the same request for help over and over. We feel like we already asked and we messed up again so we don't deserve God's forgiveness or help.

Our leader put it this way. Pretend John was driving down the freeway and crashed his car because he had been drinking and decided to drive anyway. I have a lot of savings and I buy him a new car because I know he needs it to get to work and school and I have the finances. if he reacts by saying "no, I can't take the car I don't deserve it" How am I going to feel? kind of annoyed and upset, I already bought you this car dude! Thats what we do to Jesus when we don't accept his grace and forgiveness. Jesus is like "dude, I freaking died on the cross for you! what a waste if your not going to accept it!"

Similarly if John accepts the car and is greatful and shows it off to all his friends, and takes them for rides all over town, and puts a pic of me on his dashboard :) haha. I would be happy, he let me do something nice for him and help him out. Jesus wants to forgive us thats why he died on the cross, he wants us to accept his grace and be happy, and tell our friends and hang pic of him on our walls, it's done over with he has already died to save us, we just have to accept it.

this doesnt mean that if John accepted the car and imediately went out drinking and rolled the car that I would be happy, I would be dissapointed. Just the same if we don't truly repent and turn away from the sin we commiting Jesus will be like "dude, c'mon"

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