Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For anyone who knows me you will probably agree I am the most ADD person when it comes to life and plans and goals and just about anything. I have never been truly content.  I was struggling through nursing school and after graduation with what I wanted to do and what I felt God was calling me too. I considered seminary, joining the army, moving to florida, overseas missions, going to phoenix, I ended up staying in Tucson because I was offered an job before I graduated and with the scarsity of RN positions I felt lucky to have a job.

Although I was happy to have this job in the hospital of my choice I found things to complain about, I didn't try to get to know my co-workers, or go above and beyond my duties. I struggled with depression and just an overall feeling that life is pointless and I belong in heaven with God, I just have to endure this suckyness we call life.

I recently went to a whole person care conference, hosted by the medical strategic network ( a branch of campus crusade for christ) I was invited by my friends Jamie Buster and Kristi Jamison. I didn't know what it was exactly I just knew my friends were going, I got continuing education credit for going and it was in payson so the weather would be AWESOME! so I went.

God rocked my life at this conference! He just opened my eyes to what he had been setting up and planning for my life all along. We learned how to conduct thorough spiritual assessments using questions mandated by JCAHO the creditation organization for all hospitals, so we can't get in trouble. and we learned how to be bold in our faith without breaking rules. We met tons of encouraging MDs, RNs and other health proffesionals who live out their faith every day!

I dont know why I never considered praying with my patients before, or asking them how their walk with Jesus is going....DUH I work with God's children! He want's them to know and feel his love especially when they are sick and feel helpless. I am excited to wake up for work now, I am excited to care for these people, physically and spiritually. This is the first time in my life I can say I truly feel content and called to a certain mission field.

I know that I am right where Jesus want's me.

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